Sunday, January 13, 2008

Future book idea: Stereotyping

Too often in life we incorrectly stereotype people based on their heritage, their looks, their education, among other things. I have begun what I hope will turn into a book where facts from a questionnaire are followed by a stylized portrait of the individual.

Unfortunatley, the online version does not show the additional, interesting aesthetics the real, paper version allows. In the examples that I have actually printed, the facts from the questionnaire are on velum paper, causing the viewer to faintly see the portrait behind them - which is a fun affect. As the viewer reads the information he/she will develop an idea of how the individual may appear in their mind, and as they turn the pages they will faintly see more and more of the portrait, but not until each of the 4 pages have been read and turned will the portrait be clearly visible. With that in mind, below is an online version.