Sunday, February 3, 2008

Morning of Super Bowl XLII

Scalpers were offering tickets for less than many fans paid prior to Sunday's Super Bowl. I spoke with 4 fans from New England who paid $2,500 for each of their tickets the week before the game, but the scalpers were selling similar tickets for $1,000.

As I was photographing for about two hours Sunday morning I made my way to the ticket entrance and couldn't help but turn my attention to the religious protesters shouting at the fans and calling them to repentance. When I asked them what city they were from they each replied, "The Kingdom of Heaven." I chuckled, and asked what state that was in. They replied, "The State of Humility." I then asked how many people lived there. "Very few," was their reply. Upon leaving them they called me to repentance and tried to give me a religious flier. I just smiled and walked away.