Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ostrich Races

The Chandler Ostrich Festival was a lot of fun this weekend. My wife, Rachel, was my assistant on Friday as I was shooting both video and stills and I only have 2 hands. We had a good time, though we didn't get to ride any of the rides or enjoy much of the festivities. While I was filming I saw the opportunity for 2 stories instead of just 1 and even though I knew that would mean more work, I thought it would make for better stories since we try to keep our stories pretty short and concise - 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

i had the most fun when i was in the stall next to the Ostrich Handler as he harnessed the ostriches before the races. To be honest, I was kinda nervous the ostriches were going to peck my eye out - they are very intimidating birds that like to hiss and approach you with their looong necks. The races were pretty crazy too.

After Friday nights video shooting I ended up getting assigned to go back on Saturday to capture the festival with stills for Sunday's paper - fun times.

Here are some of the stills: