Thursday, April 10, 2008

D-Backs complete sweep of Dodgers

It was a special day at the ball park in Phoenix today - yes, the Diamondbacks defeated the Dodgers 4-3 and swept them in the three game series, but the dome was also opened moments before the opening pitch. I was told its not very common the dome is open during day games - I guess it's usually too hot. The light was great, and so was the 75 degree weather.

(caption of first photo) dbacks0409 151322 -- 04/09/08 -- Diamondbacks' Orlando Hudson (cq) gets tagged out at the plate by Dodgers' pitcher Hiroki Kuroda (cq) in the bottom of the fourth inning Wednesday afternoon at Chase Field. -- Photo by Geoffrey McAllister/The Arizona Republic

Commenting on the above caption - upon closer inspection, it almost looks like Hudson avoided the tag. It at least appears that way with the four frames I was able to capture. Look for yourself.

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