Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cocaine bust

A crack cocaine raid by Lubbock's SWAT team and narcotics officers drew jeers and taunts Thursday as they led suspected dealers away from two homes near 21st Street and Avenue L.

Neighbors reported hearing explosions as officers breached the doors of the homes to serve search warrants obtained through undercover drug buys, said police Sgt. Robert Hook.

"It was a good warrant," Hook said. "Nobody got hurt."

Between eight and 10 grams of crack cocaine was found in one of the homes, and at least six suspects were arrested in connection with the case that Hook said narcotics officers had been working on for some time. In addition to the drugs, $2,000 was found in one of the homes, which officers hope proves to be drug money the city can then seize... (continue reading Raid on two Lubbock homes nets crack cocaine, $2,000, six arrests)