Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lubbock's Inaugural Ball

To celebrate the swearing in of our nation’s 44th president, Barrack Obama, Lubbock hosted its first inaugural ball at the Civic Center Tuesday evening. Tonya Johnson (above), president of the Juneteenth Committee hosting the ball, gets ready for the ball in her home.
_ _ _
With her employer's blessing, Rose Wilson, still lively at age 81, paused from her chores Tuesday morning to switch on the TV.

"Rose," her employer said, "you can turn on all the TVs in the house if you want."

Rose Wilson moved to Lubbock in the 1950s to pick cotton with her family and has cleaned houses for a living for more than 30 years.

She doubted she would live to see a black president. So did her daughter, Annie Johnson, 58... (Continue reading Marlena Hartz story: In this local family, four generations alive to see America's first black president)